Program Manager
Quantum Projects
As a partner to Suncorp, conduct Phase 1 Feasibility Study for Suncorp’s new Brisbane Head Office


  • Worked closely with Suncorp to provide a dedicated team with diverse leadership interaction with Suncorp Strategic Portfolio, Tenancy Representative (JLL), Suncorp Procurement and Program Director
  • Established a Governance Charter for the projects to identify key Stakeholders for the project
  • Worked alongside the appointed Leasing Agent to develop a flight plan including a thorough project schedule and identifying key milestones
  • QP has extensive experience, knowledge and historical data of Suncorp’s process assets, minimum standards for commercial office fitouts, business technology solutions and overall past and present workplace transformation. This corporate knowledge of Suncorp enabled QP to fast track and develop the framework and Program Charter for Brisbane 2021


Our engagement for Phase 1 was to assist with delivering the program solution and establish a program framework for Brisbane Consolidation earmarked for 2021. Our commitment to providing Program Management services to Suncorp is underpinned by a strong partnership and knowledge of Suncorp’s property portfolio, including the successful delivery of Brisbane consolidation 2.0 and concurrent delivery of Brisbane’s Contact Centre Consolidation (MPC1).

Working closely with Suncorp, our collaborative approach to Program Management provided a dedicated team with diverse leadership, interaction with Suncorp Strategic Portfolio, Tenancy Representative (JLL), Suncorp Procurement and Program Director.

We developed a Project Charter to include the following:

  1. Develop budget and financial costs
  2. Develop, monitor and control high level program including:
    1. Key milestone and critical path activities
    2. Identify known hold points based on Suncorp organisational and process assets
    3. Drive program dates
  3. Establish Governance Charter
  4. Manage and direct internal and external meetings
  5. Develop IRAT
  6. Procurement:
    1. In collaboration with procurement execute Procurement Plan
    2. Assist with developing RFP to engage third party contractors and subject matters (this includes engagement of internal project managers)
  7. Liaise with Suncorp internal and external stakeholders
  8. Liaise directly with Tenancy Representative to ensure alignment with EOI/ RFP/ Leasing and sub project activities